Pinterest Marketing Tips – 9 Tips Every Blogger Should Know

Pinterest Marketing Tips – 9 Tips Every Blogger Should Know

Pinterest Marketing Tips

I am sure by now you are already know that Pinterest is an amazing platform to attract new readers to your blog. And, that’s the reason why you’ve landed on this page. It is one tool that is fairly simple to increase your audience and grow your blog with more subscribers. To be successful in blogging, you need to provide good information and inspire.

Let’s check out my Top 9 Pinterest Marketing Tips that every blogger should know! They are in no particular order:

TIP #1

Create a business account; if you already have a personal account, convert your account now. It’s free! All you have to do is log into your personal/ current account, go to, click “Convert Now”, fill out the information and click “Convert” . The difference is business accounts has more features which you would want to use to your advantage.

TIP #2: 

Make sure you have a professional looking profile photo. Uploading a “selfie” photo in a mirror shot somewhere in the toilet just doesn’t stick. Describe your blog in the best way you can. Be sure to include intriguing description of your blog and include relevant hashtags.

TIP #3:

I recommend to start with 8 to 12 boards; visually it looks great. Pinterest displays the boards in rows of 4. It’ll be nice for your readers to land on an aesthetically good looking and organized Pinterest account.

TIP #4:

Set up one board specially for your blog post then separate the rest of your boards according to the niche/ topics related to your blog.

TIP #5:

Use keywords related and relevant to your blog so that your pins are more searchable. This can definitely give your blog a boost in exposure.

TIP #6:

Board covers are important; its going to make people want to click onto your pin or board. Create your own style and choose good looking images that represent that board.

TIP #7:

Always use original high quality images with good descriptive text over it. The recommended size is 800 x 1200 px. Trust me, having blurred or pixelated images aren’t going to get you more readers. It just turns them away because that’s exactly what I do when I see a really unattractive image.

TIP #8:

Engagement. I can never stress enough on how important engaging with your readers is. You need to give them a sense of personal connection. Communicate on a consistent basis. 

TIP #9:

Make your blog Pinterest-friendly. You can do so by adding the “Pinterest Follow” button to your blog, install a custom “Pin It” button to let you readers know that the image is “pinnable” and add a Pinterest board widget onto your posts or page.

There, I have revealed my Top 9 Pinterest Marketing Tips that will most definitely grow your blog. If you have not implemented any of the above, it’s about time you start doing so. Let me know if the tips helped you in any way in the comment section below.

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