Internet Marketing Strategies

Internet Marketing Strategies

Internet Marketing Strategies

It is important that you market your business online. To help you get started, we recommend the following internet marketing strategies to build an online presence for your business:

1. Get a website (If you don’t have one)

It is not expensive to invest in a website. Just imagine the additional customers you get from building your online presence. It is also important to know that using free website builders are is not the best option. 

2. Get RANKED on the FIRST page of Google in the organic search area

It is very important to be on the first page. A user typically only looks through the first page when conducting a search. 

3. Ensure that you have implemented Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy

Inform your web consultant that you would like this option. Your website isn’t going to magically appear on the first page.  Therefore, it is good to invest in search engine optimization (SEO) to ensure that you are one of the top 10 results in the search engine results page.

4. Implement Email Marketing

Collect data from your consumers by having an opt-in page so that you can provide them further information on your products or services as well as future promotions. But of course, with their consent and a disclaimer stated.

5. Run social media marketing campaigns

Everybody is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and other social media sites. You need to harness the power of social media to increase your brand’s awareness.

6. Introduce an AFFILIATE program

Get people to promote your product or service. Who works for free? No one. So reward those who promotes your product or service!

7. Engage the right online marketing consultant

Always get someone who understand what your Company wants to achieve and provides the best service.

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