Benefits of Internet Marketing

Benefits of Internet Marketing

Benefits Of Internet Marketing

Having a web presence is important nowadays which many people especially businesses fail to understand due to reasons such as the costs of having a website and strategies implementation can be significantly high. There is an estimate of 2 billion Internet users in the world to which is increasing each day. When people are wanting information on a certain product or service, they turn to the Internet. Hence, it is very important to build your online presence today.

Target Audience; Local & International Markets

Distance is no longer a barrier. If you have an eCommerce website selling products online, you have targeted audience from around the world. You don’t have to limit your sales to the country you’re based in.  You can now have a wider audience without having to set up local physical stores or offices in other countries.

This does not only apply to eCommerce websites, if you have a business to business website eg bathroom tiles supplier, palm oil you can potentially get customers from other countries and generate a higher revenue for your Company. You can expand your Company and build an export business without having to find a network of distributors in different countries. People need information and therefore it is essential to provide information of your business online


People don’t have to travel to a physical shop to purchase a product from you; saves them time! Your website is readily available 24/7 to end-users. People can get all in the information they need through your website; product price, product of service information, business address, business hours and more. 

Cost Effective

Your costs to having an online presence is generally cheaper compared to traditional advertisement mediums and marketing campaigns. There has been a decrease in purchase of magazines and newspapers. All these are available online or through an app so people are less exposed to traditional or indoor and outdoor advertisements.

Build Relationships

The Internet serves as a platform for building and maintaining relationships with customers as well as increasing customer retention levels which can be very hard to obtain through personal face-to-face interaction. Meeting customers personally can be time consuming and not necessarily will get a positive outcome. Nowadays, there is email automation to thank your customers for a purchase, to ask how are they doing, to great tge and to follow up with them on your products and services. You can even get in touch with them with your new products and services promotions via email marketing and in turn build a long-lasting relationship with them.

Social Media

Social Media Marketing is an important strategy that all businesses should adopt. People are spending most of their time on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest at anytime of the day. You’ll be amazed that such sites can potentially boost your Company’s revenue. With social media, Internet users are able to share products, news and/or reviews with their peers. That is one step closer to closing a sale.

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